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GV Expo Gears Up for Raffle With Cobalt Digital BlueBox Converter

GVExpo raffle will include a Cobalt Digital BlueBox SDI-to-HDMI converter.

One of the most fun aspects of the upcoming Government Video Expo will be its raffles. This year’s Expo will include some great products, both hardware and software, with possibly some big surprises to come. The first raffle prize to be announced for the 2013 GVExpo is a Cobalt Digital BlueBox SDI-to-HDMI converter, just the product you’ll need to connect a professional video system to a large-screen display.

Cobalt’s BlueBox SDI-to-HDMI converter is small and sturdy, draws little power and is a snap to set up and use. Its features include a reclocked SDI output so that you can feed the SDI signal to another device as well. The unit’s output is a standard HDMI connector, and it also has a USB port for future firmware upgrades. Accidental loss of power is minimized by the screw-on power connector.

We will have more products to announce for the raffle at GVExpo, but want to take a moment to thank Cobalt Digital for its generous donation of the BlueBox SDI-to-HDMI converter.