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GV Expo 2012 Exhibitors Say Joint Conferences are Good for Business

Booth traffic, information-sharing improved by combining with GovComm12

Government Video Expo 2012 marked the first year the event was held with other conferences—primarily GovComm12—and both exhibitors and speakers were pleased with the conference.

Dan Holland, vice president of product marketing for audio and video equipment supplier PESA, said, “It was great to see the two venues combined.” Prior to 2012, “the two venues were too close together in dates and created a division for exhibitors deciding which one would draw a better crowd,” he said. “We decided to attend this year specifically due to the combined organizations.”

In addition, Joel Woodruff, senior sales manager for enterprise systems for Evertz, a manufacturer of audio and video infrastructure equipment for broadcasters, said, “It made sense to broaden the range of products covered because GV typically focused on the broadcast, and GovComm usually focused on the non-broadcast AV applications. I thought the blending of the two was a home run.”

Also joining with Government Video Expo 2012 and GovComm12 was the Government Information and Analytics Summit and the Enterprise Architecture Conference, which provided attendees with additional learning and networking opportunities and exhibitors greater exposure. Government Video Expo 2012 and GovComm12 featured 153 exhibitors. 

Both veteran and new GV Expo exhibitors report “excellent” booth traffic with attendees ready to do business.

Toby Sali, who conducts marketing for Litepanels Inc., said, “Most attendees were ready to buy or at least get a quote.”

This was Audio Network’s first time exhibiting at GV Expo, and marketing manager Kristen Harold said, “We had excellent traffic to our booth, more than I had expected for a show this size. We have already booked our booth for next year.”

GV Expo 2012’s featured speakers included Katie Snider of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Hope hall, official White House videographer, Martin Oppus of the U.S. State Department’s Bureau of Public Affairs, Jason Katz of the State Department’s International Information Programs and Frank Klimko and Ray Sweeney, experts in funding for nonprofit organizations.

Klimko said once he finished with the presentation, the audience made both of the speakers “feel like conference rock stars,” adding, “it was the most fun I’ve had in making a presentation ever, and I’m usually making speeches at least once or twice a month.”

In addition, attendees had the opportunity to enter a raffle for prizes from exhibitors.

Drawing winners were: Joss Bass, who won $250 worth of music licensing from Omnimusic; Jeff Vertsky, who won a gift bag provided by Jersey Shore; Nicole Haddock, who won an iPad donated by NewBay Media; Daniel Watkins, who won a gift certificate provided by Tiffen; A. Mitchell, who won an iPad provided by VBrick; Amanda Deprez, who won a Vizio TV given by Communications Engineering Inc.; Andrew Herbert, who won a gift bag provided by Audio Network USA Inc.; Greg Smalflet won a $50 gift certificate provided by Barbizon; Christie Starley won a Kindle Fire donated by Onstream Media; Christine Cafasso, who won a Bose Sound Dock speakers provided by Audio Network; Michael Sitar, who won a Handy Video Recorder given by Full Compass Systems; Chacie Sunshine, who won an iPad provided by NewBay Media; Maisha Pope, who won a JVC Portable Audio System provided by JVC; and James Thompson, who won a Phoenix Duet PC Speaker Phone provided by Phoenix.