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Growth of Bandwidth-Heavy Services Increasing Burden on Infrastructure

Internet service provider competition spurs emphasis on enhanced offerings

The shift to bandwidth-heavy services, including high-definition video on demand, increases the burden on Internet infrastructure, and service providers need to be able to deal with the demand for bandwidth, manage traffic and provide application and network security, says a report by Research and Markets, a market research firm.
The report—Deep Packet Inspection Market, Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share and Forecast, 2012–2018—says increases in the degree of competition between Internet service providers translate to the need for them to be able to develop and deploy different and enhanced offerings in order to stay ahead.
Being able to provide a high level of quality of experience while ensuring new revenue models is what will set Internet service providers apart, the report says. In order to be able to achieve those goals, service providers are turning to the surveillance technology “deep packet inspection,” according to the report. DPI enables service providers to monitor, record and take informed decisions based on the content of data packets in real time, the study says.
The global DPI market has also been analyzed on the basis of key geographies. They are North America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Asia Pacific and the “Rest of the World.” The report also categorizes the global DPI market on the basis of product types, end user segments and geographies, and standalone and integrated DPI products.
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