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Government Video’s Website of the Week: Images of Freedom

The “Government Video Website of the Week” feature focuses on online resources of interest to our readers

This week’s website of the week is, the newly created, official media library of the U.S. Department of Defense. The site features an archive of military audio, video, and mostly still images.

By clicking on the sites ‘Collections’ tab, users can browse photo collections documenting the U.S. military’s five branches, its operations and wars like Operation Iraqi Freedom or Deepwater Horizon 2010 (Gulf Oil Spill) and it’s high level leadership from over the years. Other image collections include a ‘Women in the Military’ thread, various threads showing photos of actions and maneuvers like in-flight refueling, at-sea resupply missions, flight deck actions and search and rescue missions. Also a special ‘Never Seen Before’ thread is featured.

If a profile is created, users can download hi-res versions of an image, video, or audio piece from the media archive for a fee, or can download a smaller sample image for free.

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