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Government Video’s Website of the Week: Data.Gov

The “Government Video Website of the Week” feature focuses on online resources of interest to our readers

This week’s website of the week is Data.Gov, a public repository of federal government information produced by the executive branch. The website is run by the U.S. General Services Administration’s Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies.

Visitors to the home page are greeted with a portal of the many topics the site provides data, reports and resources on. Also provided to visitors is portal to a list of applications powered by open government data. Apps like Base Directory, which shows more than 15,000 establishments on U.S. Military bases around the world and, Alternative Fueling Locator, which helps finds users the nearest alternative fueling stations.

The website even provides extensive amounts of space for local government information by way of forums and sub-forums. An important thing to note is not every locality in the United States is posted to because the site requires each individual local government to sign up and request to have their records posted. The data topics on local governments range anywhere from ‘incidents of crime’ in Chicago to ‘Baltimore City Employee Salaries in FY2016.’

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