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Government Video’s Website of the Week: Arkansas.Gov

The “Government Video Website of the Week” feature focuses on online resources of interest to our readers

The front page of Arkansas.Gov

This week’s featured website of the week is Arkansas.Gov, the states online portal for all aspects of business. Whether it’s a citizen, state employee, a business or a tourist, the site caters towards anyone needing information or services through the state of Arkansas.

If a site visitor isn’t up for using the categorized dropdown windows, then front and center is an alternative, a search bar linking to various locations throughout the site as well as other state agency websites.

Perhaps the most useful and up-to-date feature of the site is its mobile compatibility and a number of apps for performing various functions. Presented on the front page is an app called Gov2Go, giving users a platform for their phone or tablet to have a property assessed, get a vehicle registered, pay taxes and receive reminders for upcoming deadlines.

Five other free apps are also advertised: the Arkansas Sex Offender Search, the YOUniversal Arkansas Financial Aid System app for applying and tracking financial aid for higher education, a State Parks Guide app, a tool to help Arkansas citizens prepare for emergency situations called the ReadyAR and an app for fishing and hunting news within the state called Game Check, Fishing Report, News, Trophy Case. All the apps are available for both Android and Apple devices.

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