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Government Video’s Website of the Week: 360 North

The “Government Video Website of the Week” feature focuses on online resources of interest to our reader

The front page of 360 North

A platform providing live and on-demand access to state legislature sessions is an invaluable service to citizens, which is why this week’s Government Video Website of the Week is 360 North, a non-profit PEG operator that provides gavel-to-gavel coverage of Alaska’s Legislature, Supreme Court and community events.

The sites front page features a rundown of the day’s programs, recently produced videos and tabs to bring viewers to the live television stream, archived gavel-to-gavel coverage videos and to the many pages of shows that air on 360 North.

360 North, or also known as Gavel To Gavel Alaska, first went on TV in 1995 during the legislative session only. In 2001, Gavel Alaska expanded to live web streaming its television channel and started offering live audio streams of committee meetings. In 2007, the PEG channel began airing year-round and took on the name 360 North. Gavel Alaska and 360 North is a project of KTOO, Juneau, Alaska’s public media organization.

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