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Government Video’s Guide to KVM Switching

The digital edition of the KVM Swtiching guide is now available

As facilities and production centers increase in size and capabilities, the need to consolidate and manage control over the array of computer monitors and servers becomes more important than ever. How does one direct or manipulate content and data in one part of the facility when the hardware is somewhere else, either in the facility or outside?

Enter KVM – or “Command and Control” as it is increasingly becoming known as. As local area networks became more ubiquitous several decades ago, the functionality and advantages of KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) matrix switching became more apparent. Today, we see its use in numerous functions in the IT department of enterprises both large and small. Even if you’re not in production, chances are you use it on a regular basis if your IT personnel need to monitor or repair software issues on your PC.

The technology behind KVM is advancing rapidly as we move into the world of IP and fiber. Issues such as latency and security are being addressed by numerous manufacturers who are pushing the envelope and bringing the advantages of the technology to more organizations and enterprises.

As one KVM provider noted in this Guide to KVM Switching, “there are are KVM switching systems for all budgets for both direct-connect and IP-based systems.” In this ebook, Government Video profiles many of those companies who are developing the technology to expand and promote the opportunities that come with remote command and control. Details can be found here.