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Government Video’s Editor Interviewed About GVExpo 2013

Listen to Bob Kovacs' interview by Digital Production Buzz about GVExpo 2013.

Bob Kovacs

On Thursday, Oct. 3, Government Video’s editor, Bob Kovacs, was interviewed by the Digital Production Buzz podcast about the upcoming Government Video Expo and expositions in general. The interview, conducted by Larry Jordan and co-host Michael Horton, covered what to expect at GVExpo 2013, as well as whether expos like this are even relevant in a time when the Internet is easy to search and reaches into every corner.

Kovacs, a former radio announcer and frequent performer, is used to handling live situations and was comfortable covering the topics. There’s quite a bit in the interview about what to look for at GVExpo 2013, as well as reasons why meeting face-to-face at a trade show can be a good experience. Click on this link to hear the interview with Kovacs.

The Government Video Expo will be held on Dec. 3-5 at the Convention Center in Washington, DC. Combined with GovComm2013, GVExpo 2013 will be the largest audiovisual and video exposition in the eastern U.S. There will be dozens of educational sessions, as well as an interesting lineup of keynote speakers. Register with code GVE1 for a free exhibit hall pass and $50 off the conference program.