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Government Video Website of the Week: Then, Now, Next

The website celebrates the Department of Labor’s centennial

On March 4, 1913, President William Howard Taft signed legislation creating the Department of Labor; a century later and the DoL’s observance of its centennial includes a section of its website called “Then, Now, Next,” which is dedicated to its 100 years of existence.
As the title suggests, the website is in three parts, with the “Then” section dedicated to the department’s history. It features a six-minute video focused on how the DoL has worked to fulfill its mission during the changes and crises that challenged the country. Narrated by film and television actor Luis Avalos, the video looks at the impact the department has had on U.S. history.
The “Now” section touts the department’s current programs, but it also has 10 videos in which DoL employees at all levels say why they work at the department, many citing the impact they can have on workers’ lives.
The “Next” section is focused on the department’s “Vision for the Future.” That section points out that technology—such as the Internet, social media and now apps—is affecting employment, and that the DoL is monitoring the impact of that technology.
For using its website to mix history and policy, the Department of Labor’s centennial website Then, Now, Next is Government Video’s Website of the Week.
Click here to access the website.