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Government Video Website of the Week: The Urban Institute’s Website

The institute is to provide nonpartisan analysis of the problems facing America’s cities

The Urban Institute’s website proclaims that the organization conducts“research of record” and that the data it offers is “nonpartisan economic and social policy research.” The institute says in addition to gathering data and conducting research, it evaluates programs, offers technical assistance overseas and educates Americans on social and economic issues to foster sound public policy and effective government.

The mission of the institute was developed in themid-1960s when President Lyndon Johnson saw the need for independent nonpartisan analysis of the problems facingAmerica’s cities and their residents. The president created a blue-ribbon commission of civic leaders who recommended chartering a center to do that work. In 1968, the Urban Institute became that center.

Today the Urban Institute’s mission is to build knowledge about the nation’s social and fiscal challenges, practicing open-minded, evidence-based research to diagnose problems and figure out which policies and programs work best, for whom, and how. To acquire knowledge, the website say the institute iscommitted to using “rigorous, state-of-the-art methods to analyze public policies and programs,” provide “sound objective evidence to public policy decisions,” “deepenpublic understanding of policy issues,” “save government and communities time and money through research on effective and efficient programs,” and “work to make our Washington, D.C., metropolitan area a stronger community.”

In addition, the institute not only conducts research, it also undertakes projects. Some of those projects are focused on reducing unemployment and strengthening the economy.

For providing information on the problems facingU.S.cities and ways to make things better, the Urban Institute’s website is Government Video’s Website of the Week.

Click here to access the website.