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Government Video Website of the Week: the Military Child Education Coalition

Coalition seeks to help military children facing pressures related to their parents’ service

The Military Child Education Coalition (MCEC) is focused on ensuring quality educational opportunities for all U.S. military children affected by mobility, family separation and transition. The MCEC is a non-profit, world-wide, non-government organization that conducts research, develops resources, hosts professional institutes and conferences and develops and publishes resources for students, parents and educators.

Because military children face pressures related to their parents’ service such as generally moving from six to nine times during their kindergarten-12 school years, giving up friends, dealing with new academic standards and courses or even facing the prospect of a parent being deployed overseas, the MCEC seeks to help families, schools and communities be better prepared to support military-connected children throughout their academic careers.

To do that, the MCEC seeks to develop information to support transitioning military students, develop and maintain an alliance of school districts for the purposes of communication and networking, determine the support military installations could potentially provide local districts, examine technologies (teleconferencing, Internet, etc.) and develop procedures to support information sharing between military impacted school districts.
For establishing a network focused on helping the children of U.S. servicemen and women receive the educations they deserve, the MCEC’s website is Government Video’s Website of the Week.
Click here to access the website.