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Government Video Website of the Week: The Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation

The program was started in 1962 as a way to honor Marines by empowering their children through education.

For nearly 50 years the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation has honored the service of Marines, and of Navy Corpsmen serving with the Marines, by helping to pay for the education of their children. Marine Brig. Gen. Martin F. Rockmore began the foundation in 1962 when he learned of a Leatherneck who was awarded the Medal of Honor for service during World War II, but who was financially unable to send his child to college. Rockmore then created the foundation as a way to honor Marines by empowering their children through education.

In more recent times, the foundation has been providing “Heroes Tribute Scholarships” of up to $30,000 to the children of Marines—and Navy Corpsmen on duty with Marines—killed in action since September 11, 2001.

For those who want to support the foundation’s work, the website has a portal to make a donation, and it also has a testimonial section in which scholarship recipients detail how the foundation made it possible for them to attend a college or university they would not have been able to afford. The scholarships have dramatically changed the recipients’ lives, and as the daughter of a Marine says, “There needs to be a stronger word than ‘thank you,’ because it’s not just money.”

Because the foundation’s website helps make it financially possible for the children of fallen Marines or Navy Corpsmen to receive a top education, it is Government Video’s Website of the Week.