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Government Video Website of the Week: the Endangered Species Program

The Fish and Wildlife Service is overseeing a year-long celebration of the Endangered Species Act

The Endangered Species Act was signed into law on Dec. 28, 1973, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is overseeing a year-long celebration of the ESA, which has prevented the extinction of 99 percent of the species that have been under its protection. As part of that celebration, the USFWS has added to its website a section called the “Endangered Species Program.”
The website is very interactive with videos as diverse as “An Introduction to Manatees,” which provides information on preventing injuries to the animals should they be encountered in Florida’s waterways, to “Alaska Youth in the Great Outdoors 2012,” which shows how youth in that state are being engaged in conservation programs, to several videos featuring USFWS Director Dan Ashe discussing the agency’s role in implementing the ESA.
In addition to the videos, the website features several ways in which viewers are engaged, including a decade by decade history of the ESA and its impact on wildlife that provides data on animals that were saved from extinction; a planner for 2013 that is in a calendar format and which features beautiful paintings and photographs of wildlife; “40th Anniversary Desktops,” which are enchanting photos of wildlife that can be downloaded; and even an Endangered Species Coloring Book so the youngest members of a family can be exposed to the animals.
For using its website to be part of the celebration of a major U.S. wildlife-conservation project, the Endangered Species Program is Government Video’s Website of the Week.
Click here to access the website.