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Government Video Website of the Week: the Department of the Interior’s Video Page

Videos focused on human themes such as the need for healthier lifestyles, and the need for more exercise.

The Department of the Interior’s (DoI) video page has a wide variety of content that goes beyond the national parks and living outdoors themes that are expected from that agency. The DoI does have those videos, but it also has videos focused on human themes such as the need for healthier lifestyles—and the need for more exercise—by native youth as a way to curb obesity.

But the real surprise is an “It Gets Better” video in which eight DoI staffers talk about their experiences and the bullying they endured for who they are. I love a good underdog story, and all of the DoI staffers tell how they struggled to gain acceptance, but they also describe their lives today and how much better it has gotten. Also appearing in the video is Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar who urges victims of bullying to seek help by telling a parent, a friend, or a school official. The video ends with Salazar and all the staffers repeating the phase, “It gets better.”

For providing videos that both inform and encourage, the DoI’s video page is Government Video’s Website of the Week.