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Government Video Website of the Week:

A grassroots organization supporting the use of red light cameras is a campaign in Pennsylvania sponsored by the Traffic Safety Coalition—a grassroots organization supporting the use of red light cameras—that urges citizens to sign a letter to state lawmakers seeking the expanded use of red-light cameras.

As part of that campaign, also urges visitors to the website to sign its“Pledge for Safety” in which they vow to “support the expanded use of red light cameras to deter red-light running and make Pennsylvania safer for all road users.” also sites Philadelphia’s use of red light safety cameras as a success and recommends it be the model for the rest of the state. The website says “for more than seven years, Philadelphia has used intersection safety cameras with enormous success, reducing red light violations from 4,000 per month to just 300.” Therefore, by the implementation of red light camera programs by Pennsylvania’s communities “will deter reckless driving while saving lives.” also features a new video with Jacy Good, TSC’s Pennsylvania honorary chair, who has advocated increased traffic safety since being involved in a 2008 red light running crash in Reading, Pa. that resulted in the deaths of both her parents and left her crippled.

For seeking to increase traffic safety through the use of red light cameras, as well as promote grass-roots activism, SafeIntersections.comis Government Video’s Website of the Week.

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