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Government Video Website of the Week: Portland Community Media

PCM’s website is a model that any agency can base its website on

Public, education and government channel officials, as well as government-service agencies, should look to Portland Community Media’s website for an example of an interesting and engaging website that is eager to serve.
PCM is a PEG organization dedicated to promoting local, non-commercial media produced by members of the community. In support of that mission, PCM provides training on how to use cameras and other video equipment so individuals and organizations can share their stories and viewpoints. To encourage potential videographers to make use of the PCM’s services, the website lists what it does in a lively and friendly tone.
It is not surprising that Portland-area youth have used PCM’s training and equipment to produce videos varying widely in look and topic. The website features about a score of youth-produced videos, some of which are documentarian and tackle adult-themed subjects such as needle-exchange programs for intravenous drug users, while on the opposite pole are lighthearted videos, several of which are animated. Whatever the subject, PCM’s website treats all the youth videos with the same level of esteem.
However, not all of the videos produced through PCM are posted on the website. The organization makes clear it will help videographers post their work on social media outlets such as YouTube, Vimeo and Blip, or help get the videos broadcast on Portland’s local cable channels. If necessary, PCM says it will seek the help of other community media centers across the country to get a video seen.
PCM’s website is undeniably service focused, and it is a model that any PEG organization or agency can base its website on. That is why it is Government Video’s Website of the Week.
Click here to access the website.