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Government Video Website of the Week: NASA’s Rover Lands on Mars

NASA invites viewers to ‘relive the nail-biting terror and joy’ of the rover’s landing

NASA is celebrating the landing on Mars of its Curiosity rover by inviting viewers to its website to “relive the nail-biting terror and joy” of the rover’s landing on the Red Planet. The video shows the team of scientists and engineers at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory during the spacecrafts’ descent, and when the first image taken by the rover is received as a voice proudly booms “we are wheels down on Mars.”

But that is not the only videos dedicated to Curiosity, there are videos that cover the rover’s mission of exploring Mars as well as details on how NASA will be communicating with the rover. But for now NASA has posted the first new photo of Mars on the website. It was taken through a fisheye wide-angle lens on the rover. The clear dust cover that protected the camera during landing has been sprung open, and part of the spring that released the dust cover can be seen at the bottom right, near the rover’s wheel on Martian soil.
The photo is a lower resolution image with larger color images from other cameras expected later in the week when the rover’s mast carrying high-resolution cameras is deployed, according to NASA.

For providing the world with images of Mars taken where no rover has gone before, NASA’s Rover Lands on Mars is Government Video’s Website of the Week.
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