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Government Video Website of the Week: NASA’s ‘Curiosity Cam’

The site streams live video of the new Mars rover being assembled.

Space might be the final frontier, but since 1997 our neighbor Mars has been visited by “rovers” on a fairly regular basis and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) is preparing the next visitor to Mars, a rover named “Curiosity”. For this trip, JPL is streaming live video of the rover as it is being assembled.

There is no sound, but the video, broadcast from a clean room (the technicians working on the rover are covered from head to toe in white protective clothing called “bunny suits”) is incredibly compelling because how often does anyone get to watch as a planetary explorer is being built.

The technicians frequently leave the camera’s (known as “Curiosity Cam”) view as they go and work on other aspects of the project; that is when viewers can scroll down to the bottom of the website and take a look at archived video that covers everything from Curiosity’s wheels to the daring landing NASA has devised. Because NASA wants to satisfy our curiosity on the next Mars rover, the Curiosity Cam is the website of the week.