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Government Video Website of the Week: Multimedia Utah

Like the state itself, explore a little and whole new worlds open up.

The folks in Utah have been busy on their state Website, and it distinguishes itself right from the fist click with a dynamic, moving image of desert scenery.

Like many state sites nowadays, it has quick links to stuff of interest to kids, and to green issues and to jobs. Move the mouse around and big, clear icons pop up for a variety of features from traffic reports to the site’s mobile applications. And what’s a state Website nowadays without connections to the Twitter and the Facebook and the Flickr?

But like the state itself, explore a little more and whole new worlds open up. In the actual state of Utah, Canyonlands National Park and Arches National Park are just about the most surreal places you’ll ever see, plus there’s Zion, Natural Bridges, skiing in Park City, red rock deserts everywhere and the unique Great Salt Lake itself.

Well, the Webmasters in Utah know all this, but also that there’s still more to the state than even its world-class scenic and recreational resources. So the multimedia section of the site includes links to some 25 complete YouTube channels, totaling several hundred videos.

“In Utah, we have recognized the growing importance of multimedia as part of what we do online,” David G. Fletcher, chief technology officer of the Utah Department of Technology Services, said in an e-mail.

This current (second) version of the multimedia portal launched in June. It also includes a new data portal at and social media portal at

So, instead of just reading what we have to say about it, check out and scroll down to click on the multimedia section… all of which adds up to the Government Video Website of the Week.

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