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Government Video Website of the Week: Military Comm Networks

Dedicated to keeping veterans and military families connected.

Military Comm Networks (MCN) is dedicated to keeping veterans and military families connected by providing interactive video-to-video technology that can be accessed through any computer with an Internet connection.

MCN connects services that have been difficult to access by the military and their families. It also provides programs that cover a wide array of educational, medical and business interests, including seminars, lectures and expert training on subject matters that are important to our troops, veterans and their families.

But the area where MCN excels is in personal services such as “video to video” reunions for current and former members of the military; “Gold Star Family,” which is reserved for the families of the fallen and enables those families to stay in touch with other families of the fallen so they can provide support for each other; and the “Wounded Hero Program” which allows wounded warriors who are recovering to stay in touch with their families through one-to-one video connections.

For using the Internet to provide service personnel and their families with ways to connect, Military Comm Networks is Government Video’s Website of the Week.