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Government Video Website of the Week: Holocaust Museum’s ‘World is Witness’

Genocide survivors describe their nightmares, their urge for revenge, and their dreams for the future. 

“World is Witness,” a project of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, bears witness to genocide and related crimes against humanity around the world.

Displaced people from nearby villages gathered on the outskirts of Faradje, seeking protection by the Congolese Army. Despite the presence of troops, the Lord’s Resistance Army continues to prey upon Congolese. Attacks and abductions, mainly of children, occur weekly. Michael Graham/USHMM. And the museum makes great use of the Web, with updates from the field, stories and audio clips of eyewitness testimony, photographs, interactive maps and more.

The site includes a bi-weekly audio series and podcast service, hosted by Committee on Conscience Project Director Bridget Conley-Zilkic, with the voices of human rights defenders, experts and others, letting the world know that genocide and ethnic cleansing did not end with the fall of the Nazis.

The testimonials and audio clips are striking, highlighting the incredible courage of the survivors of such atrocities.

The survivors describe their nightmares, their urge for revenge, and their dreams for the future.

There’s much, much more. What’s unfortunate is how relatively few people will see the site, visit the Holocaust Museum, or otherwise fully comprehend the atrocities still happening around the world. It’s that lack of remembrance that the museum is fighting, knowing that an important part of preventing inconceivable evil is to remember the past and spread the knowledge of the present.

So for this effort in bringing profound and uncomfortable issues to light, “World is Witness” is the Government Video Website of the Week.

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