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Government Video Website of the Week: fights H1N1

It's a one-stop shop for all things influenza.

Maybe swine flu won’t be that big a deal. But the Department of Health and Human Services thinks millions of people could get the H1N1 virus in the upcoming flu season, and it will a very big deal for those people.

To separate fact from myth and, we hope, channel possible panic into constructive concern, HHS has set up, a one-stop shop for all things influenza.

Go there and you’ll find a frequently updated blog and news feed, with the latest on vaccines and plenty of tips to reduce the potential for infection. There’s info for individuals, kids, and people with special vulnerabilities as well as for businesses and health professionals, And it’s written clearly and directly in bullet points free of bureaucratic or medical jargon.

You can zoom into states and regions on an interactive map to get the latest flu statistics and even local media reports.

And what’s a government Website these days without video? HHS is no slacker on that end, posting its press briefing and more, all archived and easy to find.

It’s good to see big agencies staying current with all the communications tools the Web has to offer. This Website will save lives, and it’s the Government Video Website of the Week!

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