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Government Video Website of the Week: CCTV’s Center for Media & Democracy

The center is recognized as a national model in the field of community media

Chittenden County (Vt.) Television (CCTV) is a public and government access cable TV station providing training, tools and channels for activists, nonprofits and public agencies, and its Center for Media & Democracy is recognized as a national model in the fields of free-speechadvocacyand community media.

Since 1984, CCTV’s Center for Media & Democracy has been an advocate of free speech, public access and open networks, while establishing some of the first public access cable television channels in Vermont.

Building on community demand for local stories and public information, CCTV staff and volunteers turned coverage of Burlington city government into Channel 17/Town Meeting TV, a model of “bottom up” regional government access cable TV at its most accessible and approachable.

In the mid-1990’s CCTV expanded its delivery of important community programming on the Internet (Streaming Democracy, available now at CCTV). At the same time, CCTV Production and Duplication Services was set up to provide those services to the station’s nonprofit and government customers.

To encourage public production of video programs, CCTV and Channel 17 provides a variety of training opportunities including Basic Video Production, Video Editing, Uploading and SocialMedia and “Media Mavens” which offers an array of nonprofit training opportunities.

For being a national model in the field of community media, CCTV’s Center for Media & Democracy website is Government Video’s Website of the Week.

Click here to access the website.