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Government Video Website of the Week: American Public Transportation Association’s ‘Video Wall’

Allows public transit riders riders the opportunity to upload videos telling how the transportation system has impacted their lives.

The American Public Transportation Association’s (APTA) Video Wall allows everyday riders of all types of public transit—light rail, bus and van pools to list a few—the opportunity to upload videos of the riders telling how that transportation system has impacted their lives.

There are scores of videos and they vary in quality. Some are talking heads; shot with home video cameras, while some are clearly professionally produced with multiple shots of a rider using a transit system, with music and the rider’s experience is a voice over. Nonetheless, the message is the same, how public transit has improved their lives.

While the APTA established the video wall to as a tool to lobby Congress to pass a multi-year surface transportation bill, and, like a public transit system, the website allows ordinary people to get on board for a communal ride on the Internet.