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Government Video Website of the Week: Adventures in Climate Change

Provides a ‘place’ where those concerned about the environment can stay in touch

Visitors to the “Adventures in Climate Change” website who are interested in climate change issues are urged to “stay in touch with people having adventures as they meet the challenges of climate change.” The website facilitates staying in touch by fostering a sense of community among its viewers.

This website contains videos that highlight the “amazing, incredible and sometimes treacherous work” being conducted by those documenting the impact climate change is having on the environment. In order to present that work in an orderly fashion, Adventures in Climate Change has several sections that offer viewers “Reports From Your Home Planet.”

Some of those sections and the type of videos that can be found at each are:

  • The Darkroom, which highlights the work of photographers who are documenting the natural world and which seeks to expand understanding of the planetary changes taking place and inspire conservation efforts
  • Green Tech, which looks at the latest products available in the sustainable material’s market
  • Good Reads, where Adventures’ book reviewer “Caitlin” provides reviews on the latest books about the environment
  • Blogs, like that by freelance writer Wendee Holtcamp who writes about science, conservation and adventure travel, and who recently documented her attempt to practice “30 Days of Consumer Celibacy”
  • SlideShows, which provide photo journals that cover a variety of subjects including tiny ocean organisms to the transformation of abandoned train tracks into a New York park

In addition, while Adventures in Climate Change is focused on a serious problem, it avoids a gloom and doom approach. For example, it even featured a contest urging viewers to submit humorous photo captions of a picture of a polar bear that has washed ashore because the northern ice has receded further than normal.

For providing a “place” where those concerned about the environment can stay in touch, Adventures in Climate Change is Government Video’s Website of the Week.

Click here to access the website.