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Government Video Website of the Week: Active Shooter Preparedness

Active Shooter Preparedness website seeks to enhance preparedness through awareness

The Department of Homeland Security’s Active Shooter Preparedness website seeks to enhance preparedness—and thereby increase safety and security—through a ”whole community” approach that includes training, products and resources on topics such as active shooter awareness, incident response and workplace violence.

The website contains videos covering topics such as the signs to watch for in someone, “Active Shooter Lone Wolf,” and what to do if viewers should find themselves in shooter situation, “Options for Consideration.”

There is also a 90-minute webinar designed for both the private and public sectors to understand the importance of developing an emergency response plan, and the need to train employees on how to respond if confronted with an active shooter.

For offering research, education and resource materials that could prevent someone from becoming a victim and possibly save lives, Active Shooter Preparedness is Government Video’s Website of the Week.

Click here to access the website.