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Government Video Website of the Week: AC Transit

Beautifully done passenger-submitted videos are the highlight of the site.

Lots of urban mass transit systems offer maps, schedules, news and even timely information about delays and closures.

The folks at AC Transit, which runs the buses on Oakland, Berkeley, Haywood and elsewhere in the East (San Franscisco) Bay, have gone further with the site

Daniel Levy, one of the cheery passengers with a testomial on the AC Transit Website.

For example, they offer not just pro-AC Transit features like a money-savings calculator, and features on the environmental and community bebefits of using mass transit, and cheery faces and testimonials from passengers. Last year, the agency held a contest for video Webisodes about how AC Transit affects their lives. The winners are here and are worth a look.

In fact, these , even more that its pleasing design and the convincing case it makes that AC Transit is a vital and beneficial part of local life.

Of course, given its location in one of the most creative and tech-savvy places in the world, we would hope for exemplary Web use by local agencies.

Still, for it’s overall effectiveness and smart use of the talents of its passengers, is the Government Video Website of the Week.

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