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Government Video Web Channel Salute: State of Delaware

There is a lot of great video out there being made by government operations, at all levels of government. Different localities have different needs, but a common interest is to promote jobs, industry and safe, stimulating communities. At the state level, there are programs and initiatives that touch every household in the state and getting the message out to the state’s residents is a complex endeavor.

The web channel we’re saluting for the week of Oct. 11, 2013, is the Delaware state government’s YouTube channel. Delaware is a small state with some big industry, and the same need to create jobs and growth as any other jurisdiction. One way to make a locality more attractive to potential employers is to make it attractive to workers. You can see this clearly on Delaware’s YouTube channel, with its regular videos from artists about their gallery presentations. Other videos celebrate the state’s interesting people in all their diversity, including those who have dealt with significant physical challenges to lead productive lives. Many aspects of the state government are promoted and explained, including the state police and the lieutenant governor’s office.

For its work to promote itself through culture, the arts and its diverse population, Government Video salutes Delaware’s YouTube channel.