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Government Video Web Channel Salute: Sioux Falls, South Dakota

The web channel we're saluting for the week of Nov. 8, 2013, is the City of Sioux Falls' YouTube channel.

There is a lot of great video out there being made by government operations, at all levels of government. Reaching out to their citizens on a variety of topics is an important way for a city to stay connected with the people it serves. And if it can showcase some of the reasons why the city is a great place to live, that’s icing on the municipal cake.

The web channel we’re saluting for the week of Nov. 8, 2013, is the City of Sioux Falls’ YouTube channel. At a crossroads between the nation’s east and west, Sioux Falls has arts, culture, parks, scenery and — of course — the needs of any city for basic services, safety and overall management. All these are represented well on Sioux Fall’s active YouTube channel, including public chats with the mayor that would be hard to imagine in many cities. For the mayor of Sioux Falls, it’s just another day at a restaurant with some friends.

Other videos on Sioux Falls’ channel show what’s happening at local venues and other items of interest to the city’s residents. When the local police, fire and civil service unions reached an agreement with the city, Sioux Falls made that transparent by presenting the facts in a video. Other videos show off new facilites and complex projects, and it helps that most of the videos are well produced and in HD.

For doing a great job of making government friendly and accessible, Government Video salutes the City of Sioux Falls’ YouTube channel.