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Government Video Web Channel Salute: Montgomery County, Maryland

There is a lot of great video out there being made by government operations, and it’s time to have a place to recognize that. So, on a regular basis, Government Video will spotlight a creative and innovative government department that uses video tell its story and get the job done.

The web channel we’re saluting this week is for Montgomery County, Maryland. Montgomery County has a busy YouTube channel with an amazing variety of videos on a wide range of topics of interest to county residents. In both Spanish and English, these videos keep residents abreast of county government functions and activities. Much of what the county has done with its YouTube channel is very recent, so online viewership has yet to catch onto the scope and quality of the channel’s videos. However, if Montgomery County continues its pace of postings, viewers will find it ― and be very happy when they do.

For its prolific and well-produced YouTube channel, Government Video salutes Montgomery County, Maryland.