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Government Video Web Channel Salute: City and County of Denver

There is a lot of great video out there being made by government operations, at all levels of government. City governments are big, complex and often sprawling, with dozens of departments and many challenging management issues. Providing a window into the complexity of a city government is a great way to let residents know what the city is doing and where it’s going.

The web channel we’re saluting for the week of Sept. 13, 2013, is the City and County of Denver’s YouTube Channel. Denver has an interesting mix of videos on its recently created YouTube channel, spanning the range from press conferences to information on basic city services. All are well produced and polished. Among the more interesting videos are brief “History Minutes” that discuss important events and actions in the city’s history. These are not just strictly local boosterism at work ― one is a sobering look at the history of the Ku Klux Klan in Colorado! Have you wondered whatever became of Denver’s old Stapleton Airport? There’s a video about it on Denver’s YouTube channel. Whether it’s the city’s well-spoken mayor leading a press conference or advice on how to recycle, Denver’s YouTube channel looks good and presents an interesting, thoughtful face of a modern American city.

For its appealing look at the City of Denver, Government Video salutes the City and County of Denver’s YouTube channel.