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Government Video Web Channel Salute: Arlington, Texas Police Department

There is a lot of great video out there being made by government operations, at all levels of government. Despite there being scores of shows about police, we never tire of seeing real cops in action doing the necessary work of protecting their communities. Let’s face it: Police video is some of the most interesting video out there.

The web channel we’re saluting for the week of Oct. 4, 2013, is the City of Arlington Texas’ YouTube channel. Arlington, Texas faces many of the same law enforcement challenges as the rest of the country, and its YouTube channel gives examples of how the department’s officers respond to those challenges. In plain language, one video tells you that if you’re caught driving without car insurance, your car will be towed. Another video follows the city’s team of DWI enforcement officers, as they look for violations, explain why the work is important, and show what happens when a citizen is pulled over for a possible infraction. The videos aren’t as polished as some government offerings on the web, but their honesty and straightforward nature make them powerful. It’s also wonderful that the Arlington, Texas, Police Department recognizes the need to reach out to its citizens directly and explain what the police do and why they do it.

For its informative and plainspoken approach to demystifying police work, Government Video salutes the YouTube channel of the Police Department of Arlington, Texas.