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Government Video Salutes 10 Innovative Products at GV Expo 2013

Government Video Salute Awards 2013

There were many outstanding products and technologies on display at Government Video Expo 2013, and the staff at GV magazine chose what it considered to be the 10 best products on the floor. At the end of this list are three “Honorable Mentions” that just missed their chance in the top 10.

A full-length version of this article will be in the January 2014 issue of Government Video magazine. GV’s Salute Awards are listed in alphabetical order below―a product’s position in this list has nothing to do with its selection as a Salute Award winner.

BBS Lighting Force V Ellipsoidal Light

BBS Lighting Force V LED Ellipsoidal Light

Ellipsoidal lights were traditionally powered by a bright and hot incandescent lamp, which made the lights tricky to deal with. BBS Lighting’s Force V Ellipsoidal breaks that mold with a cool, touchable ellipsoidal that provides plenty of lighting power.

Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q

Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q Monitor/Recording System

Today’s cameras have such high resolution that it’s often hard to get a camera focused using its viewfinder. Convergent Design’s Odyssey 7Q not only has a nice monitor for focusing, it contains a convenient digital recorder that provides a second location for storing precious shots.

Fiilex P160 Tunable ENG Light

Fiilex P180 Tunable ENG Light

The Fiilex P180 Tunable ENG Light can be mounted on a camera or light stand, and provides plenty of cool, color-adjustable LED lighting for field or even studio shoots. It will run for hours on a camera battery and easily adjusts to match the color temperature of just about any other light.

For-A FT-One 4K Variable Speed Camera

For-A FT-One 4K Camera

If you saw the FT-One 4K Variable Speed Camera video that For-A showed continuously at GV Expo 2013, you would immediately know why the camera was chosen. Its stunning resolution and hypnotically smooth ultra-slow-motion turned a blast from a tank’s cannon into kinetic art.

Hall Research UHBX-3S 1×3 HDMI on HDBT Splitter

Hall Research UHBX-3S 1×3 HDMI on HDBT Splitter

The Hall Research UHBX-3S 1×3 HDMI on HDBT Splitter takes an HDMI input and splits it four ways: one HDMI output for a local monitor and three HDBaseT twisted-pair outputs for 4K monitors located up to 100 meters away. Using standard Cat-5e/6 cables, the UHBX-3S makes cabling high-resolution displays simpler than ever.

Planar UltraRes Series 4K Display

Planar UltraRes Series 4K displays

As 4K displays drift downward in price, standing in front of Planar’s UltraRes Series 84-inch 4K displays showed why 4K will likely be the resolution of choice in the next couple of years. Clear and colorful, the UltraRes displays were a magnet for people on the floor of GV Expo 2013.

Rose Electronics Orion X-Series KVM Matrix Switches

Rose Electronics Orion X-Series KVM Matrix Switches

Big emergency response centers are quickly adopting large flat-panel displays to stay abreast of fast-changing situations. With a wall of flat-panel monitors comes the need to switch any computer to any display, and to control that computer from any desk location, which makes Rose Electronics’ Orion X-Series of KVM Matrix Switches the right product to simplify emergency center operations.

Swit S-9204 SDI Multiviewer & Switcher

Swit S-9204 SDI Multiviewer & Switcher

Multiviewers, which put multiple images on a single display, have been a hot product the past few years. Swit’s S9204 Multiviewer & Switcher takes that one step further by incorporating a switcher that can solve a lot of basic switching and display needs in an easy-to-use and affordable package.

TouchShare Mobile Access

TouchShare Mobile Access

If you need to work with a team on a project that involves mapping and navigation, TouchShare’s Mobile Access is an eye-catching navigation collaboration tool that gives you a way to do it. Team members can contribute from either a PC or a tablet, and the resolution makes you think you’re looking out the window at the ground below.

Ultimatte SightDeck Conferencing and Interactivity System

Ultimatte SightDeck Conferencing and Interactivity System

Ultimatte, long known for its high-quality compositing systems, combined that technology with a conferencing system that lets users easily draw, highlight and share images. As you might expect, everything comes out Ultimatte clean and it looks like a lot of fun to use, too.

Honorable Mention:

Apantac Tahoma 4K Ultra-Multiviewer

TV One HDBT/5Play HDMI Extender

Freefly MōVI M10 stabilizer