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Georgia Town Integrates Powersoft Deva Speakers

Thomasville takes to wireless features

THOMASVILLE, GA– S&L Integrated, based out of Cairo, Georgia, was contracted by the town of Thomasville, Ga. to install a speaker system for three main street blocks so the town could broadcast announcements and holiday music without ripping up sidewalks and disrupting commerce.

“The problem was since the city is historic and the sidewalks are old, we were unable to run any of the wires through the buildings or underneath the sidewalks,” said Jason Jones, President of S&L Integrated. The solution would have to be wireless, Wi-Fi accessible and easy to install. “I spoke to my rep at Powersoft and he recommended the Deva wireless system — so we took that route and piggy-backed off of the city’s Wi-Fi.”

S&L Integrated mounted 20 of the units, positioned approximately 20 yards apart from one another, in trees lining the three blocks of both sides of Thomasville’s Main Street. The Deva units use the same 20 amp circuit outlets already employed in the trees for powering lights.

With the Powersoft Deva wireless systems’ ability to stream audio, capture video and still images and work with an add-on solar panel, Thomasville will be able to expand its use of the Deva system for the future. According to Jones, the city already has plans to build an amphitheater farther down Main Street and is seriously considering employing more Deva units to accommodate it.