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Georgia Police Department Receives Donated Surveillance Equipment

Giving back to the community

WESTMINSTER, Colo. – 3xLogic, a manufacturer of security surveillance products, announced that Phoenix Loss Prevention, a long-time integrator partner, donated a 3xLogic remote surveillance camera system to the Fayetteville, Ga., Police Department.

Phoenix Loss Prevention is a Fayetteville consulting, investigation and security systems business, and the business owner, Paul Moore, his wife Sharon as well as their daughter Katie Connolly and son Chris Moore, had become weary of the negative publicity being directed at law enforcement over the past several months. So, they decided to act in a proactive way to bring positive attention to their local police department.

Recently, Phoenix Loss Prevention had suffered a theft at its business. When Fayetteville police detectives came to investigate, Paul and Chris Moore showed them their 3xLogic surveillance system and footage of the theft incident. The detectives were quite surprised at the level of technology and video quality now available. Soon after, the department began seeking information regarding the purchase of such a camera system.

Upon learning of the Fayetteville PD’s keen interest, Paul Moore and his staff decided to make a difference by donating a video surveillance system, which will be an important tool for the Fayetteville PD to utilize in upgrading its fight against crime in the community.

When Moore informed 3xLogic of his intention to donate the system, the manufacturer decided to get involved as well. 3xLogic vice president of sales and marketing Christie Walters-Hebert traveled to Fayetteville and was on hand for the June 23rd donation presentation.

“I grew up in Fayetteville and I live and work here,” said Katie Connolly, systems coordinator at Phoenix Loss Prevention. “My children will grow up here. I want to see this community remain a safe place for my family and my business, and we will help the police any way we can.”

Phoenix Loss Prevention will also supply training and assistance in the operation of the surveillance system to the Fayetteville Police Department.

“We give our profound thanks and appreciation to Phoenix Loss Prevention and 3xLogic for their generosity,” said Fayetteville Police Chief Scott Pitts. “This is a perfect example of a community and their law enforcement working together to combat crime and keep Fayetteville a safe place. Our partnership with businesses like Phoenix Loss Prevention and citizens like the Moore’s are a big part of what makes Fayetteville such an enviable community.”

“Phoenix Loss Prevention represents the best of the type of partners we are fortunate to have all across the country,” said 3xLogic’s Walters-Hebert. “As we continue to build our business, we can’t do it without such stellar people and great companies. We look forward to hearing that this video surveillance equipment makes a positive difference in the community and for the Fayetteville Police Department.”