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Genetec Unveils ‘Security Center 5.0’

New version lets customers configure and manage IP cameras and encoders, recording schedules, camera settings and more.

Genetec, a Canadian producer of Internet protocol (IP) security and public safety solutions, unveiled the latest version of its unified security platform, “Security Center 5.0,” which now supports an embedded video recording and streaming engine, the company says in a written statement.

With Security Center 5.0, customers will be able to configure and manage IP cameras and encoders, recording schedules, camera settings, and more, Genetec says. Additional features of the Security Center 5.0 include an enhanced architecture that facilitates the installation and maintenance of the platform; third-party intrusion integration of alarm panels and perimeter detection devices; a new plug-in architecture for adding third-party integrations, and standby and redundant archiving capabilities, Genetec says.

Further more, a significant enhancement to the system is the addition of Genetec’s next generation video and streaming engine within the unified platform, continuing to benefit from the power of Genetec’s industry-leading video surveillance system, “Omnicast,” the company says. The same configuration application can be used to configure the Security Center’s “Synergis” access control and “AutoVu” license plate recognition systems.

Benefits that naturally flow out of the Security Center’s architecture include the use of common features across all platforms, consistent workflows for configuration and reporting activities, reduced training costs, and a single interface for monitoring a users’ security and safety applications, Genetec says.

“Security Center 5.0 brings to the market Genetec’s latest video management engine based on our Omnicast 4 platform, but with significant enhancements with respect to video streaming, rendering, and recording,” says Jimmy Palatsoukas, Genetec’s senior product manager. “We have also worked diligently to expand, as well as to enhance the deployment and maintenance capabilities of the system,” he said, adding, “The end result is not just a platform that provides the highest level of security, but also one that is easy to deploy, configure, and use on a daily basis.”