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Fujinon Supplies Lenses for Broadcast Truck

The company will be outfitting F&F Productions’ newest HD truck in their mobile fleet.

Fujinon Inc., of Wayne, N.J., says its lenses have been outfitted on F&F Productions’ newest high definition (HD) truck in the HD mobile fleet, the GTX-16, Fujinon said in a written statement.

F&F Productions, based in Clearwater, Fla., says the GTX-16 is a 53-foot trailer that houses the latest in state of the art production facilities. At least 21 Fujinon lenses were acquired by F&F Productions, including the HA14x4.5BERM Premier Series HD ENG Super Wide Angle lens, the statement says. The Fujinon lenses are paired with 12 Ikegami HDK-79EC CMOS cameras as well as two HDL-50 POV cameras that offer flexibility by allowing for both fiber and triax operation.

“The new wide angle lens, the HA14x4.5BERM, is definitely a distinctive tool for production,” said Bill McKechney, vice president of engineering at F&F Productions. “It’s the widest lens FUJIFILM has had so far,” he said, adding the lens creates “a good clean picture with no distortion on the edges.”

Also acquired by F&F Productions were the XA101x8.9ESM super telephoto and the XA88x8.8ESM telephoto field lenses, which features an anti-fogging design to minimize lens fogging on location. “These new lenses are going to enhance the way the camera people work,” said McKechney. “They are able to go wider without sacrificing image quality.”

Those new Fujinon lenses are also full servo zoom and focus. “We bought enough of the additional gear to convert the hard lenses from servo to manual operation,” McKechney said. “Some cameramen prefer to do it the old-fashioned way. The lenses can be converted quite easily for manual or servo operation.”

The GTX-16 is used for sports and entertainment contracts. It was built with an entertainment and 3D infrastructure, including 3G compliance, with 24 prewired cameras and 25 prewired VTRs.