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Frankie 2.0 Extends Collaborative Video Review Toolset

Interactive software enables review for ad agencies, production companies

ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA—Cospective, the creator of cineSync, has released browser-based video review tool Frankie 2.0.

Frankie allows interactive, collaborative video review from any location where there is an Internet connection. Based on cineSync technology, Frankie is a browser-based tool that enables individual team members to initiate reviews at their convenience and save their session notes, for others to review and add to later.

Videos are uploaded and stored in the cloud, and there is no software to install because users access Frankie through their browser. In Frankie 2.0, users can play or pause content, make notes and sketch ideas right onto their video images. After the review is complete, Frankie generates a PDF summary of the session, including stills, notes and drawings. The PDF record is sent to all participants.

Individual reviews make it easy to accommodate schedules or time zones, and group sessions include synchronized playback so that every member of the team sees the same frame at the same moment. Frankie 2.0 also allows any individual reviewer to de-couple their own playback during a synchronized session so that they can focus on a specific area in a video, while their colleagues continue the shared discussion.

“Frankie allows our teams to collaborate and share work internally between our three locations,” said Lee Konen, creative director at Cerebral Lounge, which has offices in Washington, D.C., Baltimore and Silver Springs, Md. “It is so much easier to explain things and share ideas with the video images in front of everyone.”

Frankie is intended for short-form content, such as commercials, short films or Web content, and has been implemented by advertising agencies, production companies, post houses and animation studios.