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FOR-A Updates Frame Rate Converter Software

FRC-8000HS HD/SD software upgrade better accommodates broadcasting of winter sports

FOR-A Corp. of America, a manufacturer of video and audio systems for the broadcast and professional video industries, has updated the software for its FRC-8000HS HD/SD frame rate converter to better accommodate broadcasting of winter sports.
With this software release, the FRC-8000 provides users with the ability to customize se

ttings based on their specific needs, FOR-A says. In addition, frame rate converter users will now be able to select a “winter sports” scene type, a special mode created by FOR-A to optimize the conversion process in environments with high-speed moving objects in backgrounds highly saturated with bright white, such as snow or ice, the company says.
“One of the strongest features of our FRC-8000 is the ability to fine tune our vector motion process,” says Pedro Silvestre, FOR-A’s sales director. “The FRC-8000 will produce world-class results using the automatic conversion modes, but the new ‘scene type’ setting provides a new level of conversion, not available on any other motion vector converter,” he says.
Offering simultaneous HD and SD output and an optional front touch panel for easy operation, the FRC-8000 is a frame rate conversion solution that has been utilized by many broadcasters to convert footage to the appropriate standard, FOR-A says.
Equipped with FOR-A’s motion compensation processing technology, the FRC-8000 supports a wide range of signals, including 1080i, 720p, the National Television System Committee standard and the Phase Alternating Line standard, the company says.
The solution’s new winter sports function will benefit broadcasters who are working on winter sporting events, such as speed skating, figure skating, skiing and snowboarding, FOR-A says.