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FOR-A Unveils ‘HVS-390HS’ Compact Switcher

Includes 16 HD/SD-SDI inputs and eight outputs (expandable to 24 inputs and 13 outputs), with frame synchronizers for all inputs

FOR-A Company Limited, a manufacturer of video and audio systems for the broadcast and professional video industries, introduces the HVS-390HS, the latest in its line of compact switchers.

The HVS-390HS is available in 1 mix, effects (M/E) and 2 M/E versions, and the unit includes 16 HD/SD-SDI inputs and eight outputs (expandable to 24 inputs and 13 outputs), with frame synchronizers for all inputs, FOR-A says.

Broadcasters, educators and video producers have embraced the HVS-390HS line, according to Pedro Silvestre, FOR-A’s sales director. “The HVS-390HS maintains the compact footprint and operating style of our previous models, and improves the operation style with the addition of macros and pneumonic keys,” he said.

Built-in resizing engines on four inputs allow HD, SD, and PC sources to be mixed within the same production, FOR-A says. In addition, four keyers per M/E are standard. The HVS-390HS includes two chroma keyers, and all keyers have an independent 2D digital video effects (DVE) channel, plus two 3D DVE for background and keyer for each M/E. The HVS-390HS includes 100 2D and 68 3D wipe patterns, in addition to standard cut, mix and wipe transitions on the M/E bus.

The HVS-390HS features a highly versatile input/output set up, including the ability to use the optional input/output boards from FOR-A’s HVS-300 switcher as well, FOR-A says. The unit comes standard with 16 HD/SD-SDI inputs, eight outputs plus an HDMI output, the company says. With the addition of optional input/output boards, the system expands to 24 inputs and 13 outputs, the firm says. Analog components, analog composite, digital visual interface (DVI), and red, green, blue (RGB) can also be added.

The switcher is equipped with output video recording and playback functions, FOT-A says. It includes an advanced video memory function that can simultaneously record fills and keys and saves consecutive stills when transferred from the user interface as video. Clips can be up to 240 frames long. And recorded clips and stills can be used for computer graphic (CG) wipes, according to the firm.