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Focusrite Drives Millersville Univ. Art Center’s Audio Upgrade

Center’s audio system now has a number of Focusrite RedNet Dante networked audio converters and interfaces

This equipment rack with RedNet components from Focusrite is just one of the many racks with new Focusrite gear installed at Millersville University’s Art Center.

MILLERSVILLE, PA–The Visual and Performing Arts Center at Millersville University now has a significant upgrade to their audio system thanks to Clair Solutions, a Manheim, PA-based systems integrator.

The 84,000-square-foot arts center features individual concert, recital and performance halls, as well as classrooms, recording studios, piano labs and a music library. Two RedNet 4 Eight-Channel Mic Preamps, two RedNet 5 HD Bridge interfaces for Pro Tools and 16 RedNet AM2 Stereo Audio Monitoring Units were installed in the center’s recording spaces, iso booths and two audio suites, which each have their own control rooms.

Justin Graybill, Clair Solutions’ acoustical engineer and systems designer says the new Dante audio networking infrastructure will allow studios in the Center to connect with each other and other performance spaces. The two RedNet 5 HD Bridge interfaces for Pro Tools give users the ability to run sound on an industry standard software platform.

“I’m impressed with RedNet’s ease of use and how it connects directly and easily with Dante. It’s the perfect solution for an advanced media-arts facility like this one,” Graybill added.