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Focal Press Donates Four Books for GV Expo Raffle

Take home knowledge with one of these four fun titles from the GV Expo raffle!

They say that knowledge is power. If that’s true, then GV Expo 2013 just acquired some powerful prizes for its popular raffle when Focal Press donated four books on the subject of video production, journalism and film making.The titles include Videojournalism by Kenneth Kobre, The Shut Up and Shoot Documentary Guide by Anthony Q. Artis, The Shut Up and Shoot Freelance Video Guide by Anthony Q. Artis and Direct Your Own Damn Movie! by Lloyd Kaufman with Sara Antill and Kurly Tlapoyawa.

Videojournalism discusses how a solo journalist can use video is used to tell a story and document an event. With the cost of small and high-quality equipment lower than ever, Kobre explains how to create a script, shoot with an eye toward editing and add style to a story. There’s even a section on marketing your story once it is completed. 

The two Shut Up and Shoot guides by Anthony Q. Artis are no-nonsense explanations of how you can get started making video, step by step. Of course, the first step is to pick up a camera and start shooting, and Artis has plenty to say about that process, as well as how to work as a freelancer and develop a documentary.

Direct Your Own Damn Movie! by Lloyd Kaufman with Sara Antill and Kurly Tlapoyawa is a highly irreverent guide to creating and shooting your own video project. Be prepared for some colorful language and unusual suggestions, including angles on how to finance your project.

Government Video thanks Focal Press for its kind donation of these four on-target books.

The GV Expo will be on Dec. 4-5 at the Washington, D.C., Convention Center. The show opens at 9AM on both days, and admission is free to the exhibit floor and for the keynote speeches. Your free admission qualifies you for the raffle, so come out to see the show and take a chance!