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FCC Wants Comments on Impact of Sharing Space on C Band Spectrum

Comment deadline set for May 31; some broadcasters expressing concern

WASHINGTON — The Federal Communications Commission is looking into whether C Band spectrum — used by National Public Radio, NBC Universal and others — should potentially be opened up for sharing with wireless operators.

On May 1, the Office of Engineering and Technology and the International and Wireless Telecommunications Bureaus asked for comments on the feasibility of allowing wireless services to use or share parts of the 3.7–4.2 GHz spectrum band for 5G use.

The FCC is asking for direction on how it should assess the possible impacts of sharing with those who are already operating in this band. The agency is also asking for suggestions on how this sharing might be accomplished without causing harmful interference and what other considerations the commission should take into account.

Comments coming into the FCC’s ECFS database illustrate that a fair number of broadcasters are concerned.

FCC ECFS database using Docket 18-122.

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