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Fairfield, Calif. Picks RADWIN Wireless System for Video Network

The city-wide camera network provides live video feeds to a central command center that is operational 24 hours per day

To enhance public safety, the city of Fairfield, Calif. has deployed a RADWIN high-capacity wireless network solution comprised of point-to-multipoint and point-to-point equipment connecting Sony video cameras installed in public locations.

The city-wide camera network provides live video feeds to a central command center that is operational 24 hours per day, and which enables immediate responses to criminal or other urgent activity, according to RADWIN, a provider of wireless broadband solutions.

Fairfield’s I.T. department led the build-out of the public safety video transmission network, and Streakwave Wireless, a global distributor of wireless solutions, helped Fairfield identify the equipment required to create a secure and high-performance surveillance network based on RADWIN’s radios. Fiber was not available in the area and would have been too costly, so after a careful evaluation process Fairfield chose RADWIN broadband radios to replace current wireless systems that were unable to provide stable bandwidth required for wireless Internet protocol (IP) closed circuit television (CCTV) camera video streams, RADWIN says.

Fairfield City Manager Sean Quinn said, ensuring public safety is “a top priority,” among city officials, and by utilizing the RADWIN wireless products Fairfield officials “are able to easily deploy cameras in virtually any location within our city limits, including streets, traffic intersections and public parks.”

Deploying those cameras has increased the city’s “ability to deter, prevent and capture activity using the information collected by the system is another invaluable tool for public safety to our community and our citizens,” Quinn added.

In addition, Joshua Farlow, Streakwave’s executive vice president for worldwide sales, said the blend of Streakwave and RADWIN products is the appropriate choice for Fairfield because that city requires a “reliable, solid and affordable backhaul and wireless delivery solution which could consistently support their CCTV equipment.”