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F-35 Pilots Train Using RGB Spectrum DGy JPEG2000 Codecs

F-35 training requires realistic simulation.

Dashboard display for F-35 simulator

The F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) is the next generation multirole fighter aircraft for the Navy, Air Force, Marines and our allies. Manufactured by Lockheed Martin Corporation, it is the most affordable, lethal, supportable and survivable aircraft ever.

RGB Spectrum’s DGy digital recording and streaming technology is deployed in the F-35’s Full Mission Simulators (FMS). The system uses JPEG2000 compression to achieve visually lossless recording, providing results superior to other compression schemes by encoding every frame and the entire color spectrum.

DGy units are used in the F-35’s multiple pilot pods, recording everything the pilots observe during maneuvers, including avionics, out-the-window imagery, target acquisition, navigation and weapons control. Additional DGy units are in the Instructor’s Operator Station (IOS) and the After Action Review (AAR) facility.

Mission simulations are simultaneously recorded and streamed to DGy decoders throughout the simulator and to a RGB Spectrum Multicast Video Server (MVS) for central storage and recording management. Following the mission simulation, DGy codecs are used in the debriefing facility to replay the simulations for assessment of pilots’ performance.