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Extron Debuts Audio Interface Product

Easy connection of consumer gear in a pro system

Anaheim, Calif. — Extron Electronics recently launched the BUC 202, a two channel balanced and unbalanced audio converter, and audio line driver. The unit features two balanced or unbalanced inputs and outputs, both on captive screw connectors.

The BUC 202 provides two independent channels of signal matching between unbalanced and balanced audio equipment. Two rotary switches provide precise trim adjustment from -21 to +21 dB in clearly-labeled 3 dB steps. In addition to serving as an interface from consumer products to professional AV systems, the BUC 202 is a high-quality line driver for sending and receiving audio signals up to 1,000 feet (300 m). Packaged in a 1RU, quarter rack width enclosure with an included ZipClip 200 mounting bracket, the unit can be installed in a discreet location, such as on a rack rail, beneath a table or within a lectern.

“[The BUC 202] features several new design enhancements with unique installation features and refinements in audio performance, enabling high-quality integration of consumer audio products with professional systems while being mounted in a hidden location,” said Casey Hall, vice president of sales and marketing for Extron.

The BUC 202 is ideal for situations where a laptop is connected at the lectern and the audio needs to reach a remote equipment rack. The BUC 202 can be easily hidden by mounting the ZipClip 200 to any surface inside the lectern, while the physical design of the audio converter allows installers to snap it securely onto the mount.

For added convenience, detented level controls on the BUC 202 enable precise source input matching and gain structure. The BUC 202 also includes an Extron-engineered, energy-efficient internal power supply that reduces operating costs and provides a long operational lifespan.