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Evergreen Public Schools Completes Transition To HD

Student-run production teams can now provide high school sports in HD, courtesy of new Broadcast Pix production switcher

Evergreen Public Schools has completed its transition to a full HD workflow with a Broadcast Pix Mica 500 (pictured) integrated production switcher in its mobile production unit and new Mica 2000 in its control room.

VANCOUVER, WA–Productions by broadcast students within Evergreen Public Schools now have a more professional look than ever before, all thanks to a new Broadcast Pix Mica 2000 integrated production switcher, the final needed piece for the team’s transition to an all HD broadcast.

The Mica 2000 switcher adds to a host of other Broadcast Pix gear in use by the students, like the Rapid CG software for customized graphics and a second switcher, the Mica 500, for more mobile productions.

The Rapid CG software combined with the Mica 2000 switcher has found a frequent use for sports productions, employing features like live tweets and scores, according to Matt Griffin, the school district’s electronic communications supervisor.

“We needed something where students who might have limited working knowledge of a graphics program could sit in front of it and learn it quickly. Rapid CG improved our workflow and it also forced us to up our graphics presentation game,” Griffin explained.

With plans to expand Evergreen’s production studio uses, Griffin specifically pointed out the Mica’s dual PowerAux outputs as an important feature. Griffin would like to produce a new program showcasing local musicians coupled with educational discussions. To do this, one of the auxiliary outputs will be used to route video or graphics to a monitor on the set to enhance the on-air look of the programs. Broadcast Pix’s Virtual Studios platform, powered by ClearKey chromakey technology, will be added as well to give a look of a high-end virtual set.

The Evergreen production staff is made up of students from the school district’s six high schools and working out of the school district’s Administrative Service Center in Vancouver, WA. The team contributes content to four Comcast channels, including one HD channel.