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Ensemble Designs Updates BrightEye NXT 2.0 Router With Mixing and Direct Take

Free update for existing BrightEye NXT 430 owners

Grass Valley, Calif. – Ensemble Designs recently announced the release of version 2.0 software for its BrightEye NXT line of compact routers. The software upgrade, provided at no charge to owners of Ensemble Designs BrightEye NXT video routing switchers, provides dissolves and direct take transitions of HDMI as well as SDI sources, external control via TCP/IP or DB9 connector, and configuration and salvo memory registers.

“At the Daytona 500, for a specialty camera we needed to route and distribute three cameras to eight different paths, some which were switched,” said Jeff Silverman, president of Inertia Unlimited, a provider of specialty cameras. “The Brighteye NXT Router was easy to program and the results where exactly what we needed.”

The new Safe Driving Mode disables the live video on the router’s front panel, complying with best practices for use in cars and other small remote broadcast vehicles.

“Now you can dissolve between HDMI sources, SDI sources, or any combination of SDI and HDMI without glitches, hiccups, or black screens to both HDMI and SDI destinations, “said Cindy Zuelsdorf, Marketing Czar at Ensemble Designs. “It’s now possible to ‘mix’ a show directly from the field using a box about the size of a club sandwich.”

The software upgrade is available to all BrightEye NXT customers under Ensemble Designs “Five-year hardware, software for life” warranty on all products.

“This little router supports several different external control protocols via either TCP/IP –RG45 or DB9 – RS 232 connection that allows interfacing with automation control,” said Robert Nunez, Sales at Ensemble Designs. “And, recalling router matrix configurations on the fly allows router volleys and quick destination and source reconfiguration – all at the touch of a button.”

“We continue to bring upgrades and advanced features to our customers without additional expense thanks to our ‘software for life’ warranty. This is the second major release of software for the BrightEye NXT this year, and the product continues to improve and provide value. All our customers reap the benefit of our software development,” said Mondae Hott, director of sales for Ensemble Designs.