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EMCORE Unveils its ‘NV Series JPEG 2000’ Video Distributor

The unit provides high quality and low latency high-definition distribution

 EMCORE Corp., a provider of components and subsystems for the fiber optic market, unveiled the Opticomm-EMCORE NV Series JPEG 2000 products, which distributes video in real time, providing a high quality and low latency high-definition (HD) over Internet protocol (IP) systems.

The NV Series sends out high-resolution 3G HD, HDMI or DVI signals to HD monitors in one or multiple locations, using IP infrastructures, EMCORE says. The technology can be used to distribute HD digital content from multiple sources to almost unlimited displays over local area networks, the company adds.

“When video is transmitted directly from a live site to an editing studio, having very low latency is the most crucial aspect of the system,” Henok Tafese, EMCORE’s senior director of business development. In the new NV Series of products, HD video and audio signals are received by the encoder, compressed using JPEG 2000, and transmitted with a latency of less than 50 milliseconds via an IP network, he said.

When the NV Series is combined with a compatible managed Ethernet switch setup, the most flexible HD matrix switching distribution system can be created, EMCORE says. The NV series enables users to move from matrix switch to managed-Ethernet switch by cascading multiple switches, so that numerous displays may be located long distances from their sources while sustaining consistent 1080p video and sound quality, the company says.

In addition, the NV series also enables USB data to be sent along with high-quality HD video and audio distribution signals to control a remote keyboard and mouse. The NV encoders and decoders may be configured via application program interface (API) or a Web server, and can be mounted in a 19 inch 1RU rack or used as a stand-alone unit.